A few nights ago I was checking my e-mail and saw a link in the daily Superman Google alert I (and so many others) have set up concerning a Kickstarter campaign trying to raise money to produce a documentary about Superman Lives, the Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage film that was supposed to come out in the late nineties but didn’t.  This movie that never was is widely considered by Superman fans and non-fans alike as a bullet we all dodged because all of the concept art and pictures and such that have come out associated with it indicated that this would have been a disaster and for the most part I was in agreement with them.  I mean the picture of Cage being fitted for the costume that has made the rounds recently doesn’t look all that bad, but otherwise I didn’t like what I had seen from the production art.  Then I watched the video that was associated with the campaign.

Now I am not suggesting that this film should have been made because frankly I think Tim Burton should not be allowed within a hundred feet of anything associated with Superman.  While I still like 1989’s Batman my opinion of Batman Returns has soured over the years to the point where it is now my least favorite of the Bat-films mainly because it’s a Tim Burton movie not a Batman movie Tim Burton directed.  You can do different things with Superman but Burton’s sensibilities are wrong for the character.  I am not suggesting that he is a bad director because I like a good number of his films.  I am suggesting he was a bad choice for the Man of Steel.


Jon Schnepp, the guy behind this proposed documentary, has a real passion for the subject.  His enthusiasm is evident and I love that he wants to go all in on this movie.  I may not have wanted Superman Lives to be made but Jon did and I would LOVE to see him get this film going.  So check out his official Kickstarter page and throw a couple of bucks into the pot if you can.  I don’t normally post about these campaigns but I really believe in this one.  Help Jon out so we can get what promises to be an extensive and fun look at the Superman movie that never was.

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