THE NEW STUFF: 04/30/2008

Thanks to the Tax Rebate money that came in I was able to splurge a bit this week.  So in addition to the five books I picked up (two of which were Superman related) I also purchased part two of Graphic Audio’s 52 audio adaptation, the Incredible Hulk DVD-ROM which reprints every issue of the Jade Giant’s various series from the first one in 1962 until December 2006 (I realize that this is a Superman blog, but in all honesty the Hulk is number two with me as far as comic book characters, so he gets a pass) and a few Bronze Age Superman books.

So here we go.

Action Comics #864

An honest to goodness Kevin Maguire cover.  AWESEOME!  I was a bit miffed that he didn’t do the interior art, but I liked this issue just the same.  As soon as I get caught up on things you’ll see a review of this story.  In short: I really, really liked it.

DC Univerese #0

If you only have fifty cents to buy a comic length ad this week DC Universe #0 is that book!

All kidding aside it wasn’t all that bad.  I won’t be doing a review of this one because…well, I just don’t feel like it but if you want a sneak preview of the upcoming Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds mini-series then find those two quarters that are hiding in your couch and check this out.

Superman/Batman Torment TPB

I don’t mean to sound like a grouch but I hated this story arc.

It didn’t start out that way.  I rather enjoyed it at first but if you go here, here, here, here, here and here you can read my reviews of Torment (which sounds kind of awesome really) for the Superman Homepage and see how a man can start out liking a book and then hating it with the fire of a thousands suns. 

Well, maybe not that much, but still while the art was not terrible from beginning to end one look at this cover makes me wonder what seventh grade art school drop out drew Superman and Batman.

Was that too harsh?


Oh well, on to the Bronze Age!

Superman Vol. 1 #276

It seemed that a lot of the Bronze Age books I bought this week were some of the more important issues that I’ve been wanting to own for some time now.  This one is special because Superman Vol. 1 #276 was an attempt to do an Earth-1 version of Captain Marvel, so that was cool.  Also cool is the fact that this is a Nick Cardy cover, though I have to admit that I prefer his Teen Titans and Aquaman over his Superman, but maybe that’s just me.

Superman Vol. 1 #279

I was glad to get this one primarily because I owned it back when I was in the seventh grade and it disappeared.  It’s a pretty striking cover as well.  I would love to see the One Minute Later of this one as Batgirl hits the pavement and Superman flies off.

Because I’m twisted like that.

Superman Vol. 1 #283

Now that’s a cover.  I mean after seeing that you just have to buy the book and read it. 

Superman Vol. 1 #292

If you have ever wanted to read a version of the Pre-Crisis Lex Luthor origin that actually has the premise make sense than pick up this issue.  Or pick up the Superman vs. Lex Luthor trade that DC released some time back as the main story of this issue is reprinted there.  I will admit that I was one of those people who thought the concept that Superboy accidentally causing Lex’s hair to fall out was a thin concept behind him going bad even for the Silver Age, but Elliot S! Maggin gives Luthor’s story some real emotional weight.  This is well worth owning even if you aren’t going for a full run of seventies Superman comics like me.

And that’s it for this week.  If you haven’t done so already I politely ask that you head on over to my buddy Damian’s site and vote for him to become the official Superman for the upcoming Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Ill.  Damian’s a great guy and in looking at the competition I honestly believe that he is the best choice for the job.  Check out his video and you’ll see why.

More to follow…

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  1. You MUST tell us more about the Superman #276 issue and this Earth-1 Captain Marvel. It looks crazy! I must know more!

    The Irredeemable Shag

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