THE NEW STUFF: 05/07/2008

Very light this week.  Not so much a money issue as trying to control myself.  Plus the wife and I have the trip to Metropolis coming up, so I’m trying to put a little aside so we can have some spending money. 

So, what came out this week?

Action Comics Annual #11

Well it finally came out.  After numerous delays we finally get the conclusion to “Last Son” , which I sure as shootin’ have things to say about.  I am behind on my reviews but hopefully over the next week I can get caught.

Of course I always say that, but overall I’ve been pretty good when it comes to this blog.

Supergirl #29

Month two of giving this book another chance.  Hopefully it will continue on an upswing because I found the previous issue to be very strong.

Plus, I couldn’t really turn my back on this title.

Infinity, Inc.  Now there’s a book I could turn my back on.


All-Star Superman Free Comic Book Day

Sure I own both covers of the original but it was free.

Still don’t have the hardcover of the first six issues, though.  I need to pick that up at some point.

Hope y’all had a good week at the shop as well.

More to follow…

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