Episode 13 – Man of Steel or We See What You Did There

The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) are back with the seventh episode of Superman and Lois, which was appropriately titled Man of Steel.  And boy was this a great episode.  The Crew discusses all aspects of the episode starting with Jordan’s new power, which leads to them discussing the power of super hearing in general.  They chat about how Lana was used in the episode.  And yes…they talk about the reveal.

You know…the big reveal towards the end of the episode involving Captain Luthor.

So, if you haven’t see the episode yet and don’t want it spoiled, come back to this episode later, but the image for this episode sort of spoils the spoiler.

But wait!  There’s more!  Mike brings back Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 lesson, which is about the spoiler.  Not the Batman related character.  The spoiler that…you know, this gag is getting tired.  Anyway, y’all get the lesson and who has The Most Punchable Face.

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The main theme for the show is “Heroes” by the awesome Mike Schmidt.  You can find his work over at Speed Force Music.

Next Time: The Crew will be talking about the next episode, Holding The Wrench.


  1. I was happy to have my suspicion that Jordan was developing super hearing confirmed in this episode, because I don’t normally make correct predictions on this show. That’s not to say I don’t make predictions, just that they’re not normally correct. I really liked the reveal of John Henry Irons, particularly showing the moments of John and Natasha working on building the armor. It was during those moments that I began to realize who he was. I’m still not entirely clear on the “Captain Luthor” business, though. Were they planning to build the armor in hopes that Lex Luthor would be the one to use it? Is the Luthor of that world in the military (“Captain”)? Because I find it hard to believe that any version of Lex Luthor would subject himself to military discipline, and a captain has far too many superior officers for his liking, I’d think.
    As a guy with two brothers, myself, I didn’t find the quick reconciliation of the Kent brothers so odd. My brothers and I could go from attempted mutual murderers to allies and boon companions in the blink of an eye, as teens, although that’s not to say that our grievances against each other would be permanently forgiven, and I will not be surprised if Jonathan and Jordan exhibit such turns in the future. The writers do seem to have a good grasp on brotherly relationships here.
    I’m not entirely sold on Michael’s Phantom Zone criminal theory yet, but I will keep an open mind as we see further developments. I do think he’s right, though, to hope that Steel will take the turn to becoming a truly heroic character and ally of Superman at some point. It certainly feels “right”. After all, don’t we all believe that Bearded Spock of the Mirror Universe is, and becomes, a good guy in the end?

  2. Happy to be able to watch and listen along with you. I’m digging the show but wishing it was more DC Comics-full. Occasionally the teen stuff pitches me in to the bad Smallville sweats.

    Hey Bailey, who does your Superman research? It’s very good.

  3. Much like Dave, I didn’t see that the reveal of Captain Luthor’s identity coming until I saw the backflash montages this episode and it just hit me. I think the Captain Luthor thing was just written in to be a red herring, but we’ll probably learn more about John Henry’s relationship with his world’s Luthor.
    Jonathan and Jordan were both complete jerks to each other, but in a way that makes perfect sense and feels natural for two brothers at that age.
    I’m late to the party, so already know that the next episode more or less confirmed Mike’s theory. Does this mean that Morgan Edge’s assistant is actually Faora/Ursa? As much as I’ve been loving this show,, the one thing that’s been bothering is that we’re getting yet another evil Superman story. But with the confirmation of Mike’s theory, I now believe that the evil Superman is actually possessed by Zod, Jax-Ur, or another Phantom Zone prisoner, and that makes me feel a lot better. I get that Netherreal Studios was using artistic license to tell the story they want in Injustice, but it portrays a gross misunderstanding of Superman’s character.
    The RV’s security system mistaking Clark for John Henry is a huge plot hole, especially considering what happens in the next episode.
    I have to say that I am so happy with this show. In my opinion, it is both the best Arrowverse show by far, and my favorite live action interpretation of Superman.

  4. Thank you again for your continuing cover my favorite TV show. Like Professor Bailey, I was also disappointed in myself that I didn’t see the John Henry Irons reveal. It was a very clever swerve, and I credit the show for providing that…even though it was so incredibly obvious looking back on it!!! Well, assuming Professor Bailey (well, probably everyone) has seen the David Tennant-era of “Doctor Who”, I can only type: “YANA”.

    I also think Professor Bailey’s Phantom Zone theory has now been more or less confirmed, so congratulations, Sir!

    As you all have iterated every week, this show just keeps getting better and better. The teenagers are *acting* like teenagers. There is no “CW Trope” of having a season-long secret between two characters that finally gets a big reveal in the season finale. The married dynamic between Clark and Lois is so *spot-on*. Tyler Hoechlin could be the first TV iteration I’ve seen where he is in full control of *both* the Clark and Superman personas, not just one or the other. And his Clark is absolutely priceless when he embraces his inner geek/nerd self. This show is getting it right on all counts, IMHO.

    Regarding the podcast, I would love to see an episode after the spring finale concludes where you all take a look back and review the entire season/series thus far – the good, the not-so-good, and the ever important who-would-be-the-likely-runner-up-be-for-most-punchable-face-if-they-ever-killed-off-Sam-Lane? 🙂

    Thank you all for continuing to do the Great Rao’s work!

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