Episode 15: Holding The Wrench or We’re Not Crying, You’re Crying

The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) is back with an emotional episode about an emotional episode.  This time out they discuss the eighth episode of Superman and Lois, which was titled Holding The Wrench.  The bulk of the episode is spent discussing Lois and her therapy and the revelation made during the episode.  Bethany and Alison talk about how they would have appreciated a trigger warning for what was discussed, but “the revelation” is discussed in detail, as is the concept of normalizing mental health care in our society.  The Crew also talks about Jonathan’s stand out performance in the episode, how Clark is a good husband, how Kyle keeps breaking our hearts, and, of course, who has The Most Punchable Face.

No Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 this time out because there wasn’t anything Mike could hang a lesson plan around.

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Next Time: The Crew will be talking about the next episode, Loyal Subjekts.


  1. First, I must say that I am now fully on-board with Michael’s theory about X Kryptonite somehow enabling humans to be “possessed” by the spirits/life forces of Kryptonians (perhaps Phantom Zone escapees). Based on this episode, it seems very likely. Also, given the level of writing on this show, I don’t believe they’d just throw the name “Leslie Larr” out there as a “go nowhere” obscure comic book reference. I think she really is either a Kryptonian or a human possessed by one, and, if she were an actual Kryptonian, why would she subject herself to Morgan Edge?

    Here’s a question for discussion, since you asked for questions: Do you think Jonathan already has some level of Kryptonian powers? Here’s my thinking: He took a half-Kryptonian Jordan’s angry (therefore likely unrestrained) punch in his bare hand and came away with a broken wrist, not a pulverized hand, which, to me suggests some kind of — well, “invulnerability” doesn’t really work, since he does have a broken wrist — maybe “more-than-human resistance to injury”. Maybe, like the Golden Age or Earth-2 Superman who was so young when he arrived on Earth that it took time for his powers to fully develop, or for him to become aware of their extent, Jonathan “doesn’t know his own strength”, or maybe that part of his development is slower than Jordan’s. I mean, “genetics” was referenced in this (“Holding the Wrench” episode. Half of Jonathan’s DNA comes from his father. How likely is it that all of his Kryptonian genes would remain unactivated?

    Normally, as a die-hard Silver Age fan, I’d be thrilled at the possiblility of super-powered animals, but I just don’t think they’d work in the context of this series, and I’d hate to have anything spoiled just for that bit of fun. On a related note, the remark about Superman’s possibly having IBS, I have to say that, as youngsters, my friends and I often speculated on things like, “When Ma and Pa Kent found baby Kal-El after his long trip from Krypton, did he have a fully-loaded diaper, and was the “filling” indestructible under Earth’s yellow sun? Is it still buries somewhere in a field in Smallville?”, or “Supergirl is invulnerable. Is she also impregnable (as in “cannot become pregnant”) by a human?” We can’t have been the only ones to consider these questions.

    As always, thanks for the fun you bring to my ears each week.

  2. Anyone in this east deserves an Emmy for their performances so far, but in the name of Great Rao, they should have just handed one to Bitsie Tulloch after tonight’s episode.

    That’s it. That’s the comment…

    …except to keep thanking you all for continuing with this podcast!

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