Episode 5: Haywire or Bad, Bad, Boy

This time out The BAM Crew (Bethany, Alison, and Michael) discuss the fourth episode of the first season of the CW series Superman and Lois.  Haywire is about a lot of things.  It’s about Superman having to deal with escaped supervillain Thaddeus Killgrave.  It’s about a freak of the week.  It’s about Lois trying to stop Morgan Edge from getting his hooks into Smallville.  Mainly, though, it’s about Sam Lane telling the Kent boys that they shouldn’t distract their dad and the Crew had some opinions on this.

Especially Bethany.

You will be shocked at who has the most punchable face this time out.

The Crew also discusses how weird it is that the government has a special schoole for super powered kids, how much this episode pays homage to Smallville and Michael devotes this episode’s Professor Bailey’s Superman 101 to the history of Kryptonite.

The main theme for the show is “Heroes” by the awesome Mike Schmidt.  You can find his work over at Speed Force Music.  The music under the news segment is called “NewsSting” and is by Kevin McLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Next Time: The BAM Crew discusses The Best of Smallville.


  1. I enjoyed this episode of the podcast, especially for the discussion of the realistic nature of the relationship between Clark and Lois as married people, which I was not necessarily expecting on a CW show, and which I enjoy. I think that the relationship between Jonathan and Jordan is pretty realistic, as well, although I still don’t see them as high school freshman, but that’s show biz, I guess, casting older actors to play younger characters. Kudos to the casting folks, though, for at least casting teenagers to play teenagers.

    Of course Sam Lane still has the most punchable face. That seems to be the point of his character. I can imagine that may change at some point, simply because it’s hard to have an extremely unlikeable character as a regular on a TV series, but I hope he remains unlikeable at least through the first season. I’d hate to see too quick a change of heart or behavior for Sam. That would feel cheap.

    Thanks, Michael, for the segment on Kryptonite. I was wondering how deeply you’d go into the arcana of that, but I think you struck a good balance between covering the basics and falling into a rabbit hole, so . . . Good job!

    By the way, I did write that Apple Podcasts review I promised. For anyone who doesn’t already know, I am “Halk-Kar” , which Michael may appreciate as my own personal “deep cut” into Superman lore and history.

  2. I am surprised that Mr. Bailey has not mentioned that the powered assistant to Morgan Edge is apparently Lesla Lar, a silver age Supergirl cut. (I have this from BitterScriptReader’s Twitter feed; he works on the show.)

  3. Oh, and I am enjoying the podcast. I was worried that it might be verbose (which I regard as a sin in podcasting, though it is an understandable one) but so far I find all three of you engaging and personable and I’m enjoying the business and the discussion.

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