Episode 220: DragonCon Flashback Part 3: Where A Film Is Discussed But Not Watched

Question for the group; what do you do when you are set to watch a movie at a convention and someone forgot to bring that movie with them?

That question is asked and answered this time out with my third and final DragonCon 2015 Flashback Episode. The plan was to have a short discussion about never released 1994 Fantastic Four film and then watch said film. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because someone forgot the movie. Instead a group of us sat around and talked about the history of the film, what we thought of other Fantastic Four movies and more. I was honored to be on the panel with Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel and Nathan Laws and we had a fun time talking about the fact that something can be bad but still enjoyable.

As always I want to thank Gary and Joe for having me be a part of the American Sci-Fi Classics track last year. It was so much fun and definitely my favorite part of the con. Be sure to click on all the links to find where you can find the people that were on the panel on the Internet. Also I want to thank the guy in the audience that you hear throughout the episode. I totally forgot to get his name but he knew people that were involved with the 1994 Fantastic Four movie and provided a lot of great insight because of that.

Next Time: Paul Spataro is back to talk about Son of Origins of Marvel Comics.

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