Episode 223 – All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity. This series is designed to shamelessly tie into celebrate the three heroes that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The WW portion of the title takes center stage in this episode and once again I am not alone. Joining me for her first time in the Views Guest Host Chair is Rebecca Johnson. Rebecca is the co-host on the most excellent Supergirl Radio podcast (which focuses on the current CBS television series as well as covering all aspects of Kara Zor-El’s history) and produces some fantastic videos over at her YouTube channel Duckmilk Productions.

Our subject this time out is the first seven issues of the 1986 Wonder Woman series by George Perez, Greg Potter and Len Wein. Like Superman and Batman before her Wonder Woman received an updated origin and revamp after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Rebecca and I devote the first part of the episode to the first issue of that series where we examine the new take Potter and Perez had on Paradise Island, the Greek Gods and how Princess Diana started on the road to becoming Wonder Woman. After the break we talk about the next six issues which see Wonder Woman going up against the machinations of the god of war himself Ares. Along the way she meets Steve Trevor, Etta Candy as well as Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis and battles Decay, Deimos, Phobos all in an effort to put an end to Ares’ plan to plunge Man’s World into a nuclear war. Rebecca and I not only discuss how we felt about the story but also how we feel about this new Diana and her world.

I wanted to thank Rebecca for coming on to the show and encourage you to use the links above to check out her videos and podcasts!

Next Time: A rare solo episode where I go through the Music of the Dark Knight!

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