Episode 225 – All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity Interlude

STOP! Before you listen to this episode head on over to Superman Forever Radio and listen to Episode 98! That is the first part of this epic crossover where a Pre Crisis Superman fan and a Post Crisis Superman fan get together to talk about one of the most divisive Superman stories ever!

Done with that? Good. Let’s get started here.

In this second part of what I am rightly calling the Epic Crossover Bob Fisher (of the previously mentioned Superman Forever Radio, Long Play over at the Two True Freaks network and the Giant Superman Podcast) comes back to Views to finish our conversation about John Byrne’s Man of Steel. We kick things off with the Post Crisis Superman’s first encounter with the Post Crisis Lex Luthor in Man of Steel #4. Then we move to the fifth issue where Byrne retells a classic Silver Age story featuring a certain imperfect version of Superman. Finally it all wraps up in Man of Steel #6 where Clark learns his true origins and reunites with a childhood friend. Mixed in with all of that are clips from The Adventures of Superman radio series produced for the BBC by Dirk Maggs because it seemed like a fun way to bridge the issues.

I want to thank Bob for asking me on to his show to talk about one of my favorite mini-series ever. Man of Steel turns 30 this year and I wanted to do something to commemorate that, so the conversation we recorded some time ago fit that bill perfectly. While this origin is no longer the “official origin” it was the start of “my” Superman and it was neat to talk to someone from a previous generation that had a completely different take on this story than I did.

Next Time: Stella and I talk about the adventures (all three of them) of Bruce “Superman” Wayne!

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