Episode 226 – All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity Part 4

All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity (you know, my series of episodes leading up to the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) continues this week with a trio of stories that are…a bit different. In all honesty this episode was the idea of this week’s special guest. A few months ago Stella (she of Batgirl to Oracle: A Barbara Gordon Podcast over at the Batman Universe) suggested that we get together to talk about some Elseworlds stories. I thought given her love of Barbara Gordon that maybe it would be fun to talk about a short series of back-up stories from the Bronze Age that detailed the adventures of Bruce “Superman” Wayne. What if the rocketship carrying the baby Kal-El had landed outside of Gotham instead of outside of Smallville? How different would his life have been? Would be still become Superman? The answer to that last question is answered in the strip’s title but the other questions…well, they take a bit more explanation. The road to this Bruce Wayne becoming Superman is odd and once he’s in the role things get even weirder. Want to find out how? Listen to the episode already!

Stella has been kind enough to have me on Batgirl to Oracle on numerous occasions. On episodes 26 and 27 we talked about some Bronze Age team-ups between Superman and Batgirl. On episode 56 we talked about a fun Superman/Batgirl story in DC Comics Presents as well as one of the stories we covered on this episode. Episode 79 was where Stella and I talked about Barbara Gordon’s role in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Finally I was part of an epic team-up involving Stella, myself, Josh Bertone, Donovan Morgan Grant and Tom Panarese on episode 111. You like Batman: Knightsend? How about Zero Hour? How about Prodigal? All of those stories get discussed on that jam packed episode. I want to thank Stella for coming back to Views and for being so generous with my appearances on her show.

Next Time: If I can find the time there might be another interlude episode. If I can’t Andrew Leyland will join to talk about one of my favorite Superman stories ever…Superman: For All Seasons.

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