Episode 227 – All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity Part 5

All B.S. and a Little WW: Views on the Trinity winds down this week and since I began things with my permanent semi-regular co-host Andy Leyland it feels right to close this series out with him. Our subject? Superman: For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. It is both fair and accurate to say that For All Seasons is one of my Top Five All Time Favorite Superman Stories Ever and even though Jeffrey Taylor and I will be eventually covering it over on From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast I have been itching to talk about this series for some time now. Andy and I cover all four issues and when we’re not gushing about the artwork we’re talking about why we love this series so much. After that we got off on a tangent about some of the deeper issues this series brings up as well as looking at the “sequels” that Loeb and Sale have done in this era.

One of them will make you cry. It made me cry.

Andy hosts or co-hosts a plethora of shows. Hey Kids Comics, which he hosts with his son Micheal, puts out the occasional episode these days and during this conversation I mentioned that their Happy Birthday Superman series is one of the best examinations of the Man of Steel ever so be sure to download those episodes and give them a listen. He also co-hosts a show called The Fantasticast with Stephen Lacey and as the title suggests they are discussing the Fantastic Four and have been doing so from the beginning. Currently they are in the seventies and have just gotten to Marvel Two-In-One. Then there is Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast, which he hosts with Paul Spataro and is about…well, Deep Space Nine. Andy also has a mostly solo show called Palace of Glittering Delights where he talks about whatever he wants to talk about.

Next Time: At some point, probably over the weekend, I’ll be dropping an episode I recorded with a bunch of friends right after we saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The next standard episode will be an all feedback show where I go through the email I have received over the last month!

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