Episode 228 – I Love Bringing People Together: First Impressions of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

The first thing I want to make absolutely clear is that despite this episode’s setting I am in no way trying to rip off the format of the very awesome Dinner 4 Geeks. That is an amazing show. Scott Ryfun (award winning radio host), Jeff (Scott’s minion). Ryan (the toy geek) and Ron (just Ron) have something special down there in south Georgia. The fact that this episode was recorded at a restaurant was a matter of practicality more than a desire to be like another show. So…yeah.

Anyway, back on March 25, 2016 I went to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with my lovely wife Rachel, Jon M Wilson (co-host of The Giant Superman Podcast and host of The New 52 Adventures of Superman), Donovan Morgan Grant (co-host of The Comic Revue Podcast and the now done and dusted The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast), Jesse Garrett (also of the now done and dusted The Next Dimension: A DragonBall Z Podcast) and Jesse’s wife April. After the film we went to grab something to eat and as fans do after seeing a comic book film we talked about it. What followed is a spoiler filled discussion of the movie and I can’t stress the spoiler part of that enough. We talk about what we liked, what we didn’t like, the implications of the ending, how the characters were treated and why the cheddar cheese bites were great.

You know…the important stuff.

No matter how I felt about the film this was one of the best movie going experiences of my life. It was awesome that Jon came to visit and that Donovan drove from another state through Atlanta traffic to see the film with us. I’m glad this episode came out as well as it did.


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