Episode 265: 10 Things In 10 Years

Well…this is awkward.

So, it’s almost fitting that this episode is over a year late.  I think one of the hallmarks of Views From The Longbox as a show is that I would record stuff and then release it months later because of…reasons.  In keeping with that “tradition” here is the first episode in a two part extravaganza designed to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary, which is coming out over a year after I recorded it.  This was done on purpose because you probably expect nothing less.

At least that’s the story I’m sticking to.

In this first part of a two part celebration of Views as a show I sit down with good friend and long time ally of mine, Big Honkin’ Steve (check out his podcasts over here) to talk about how things have changed for us as both podcasters and geeks over the past ten years.  A lot has happened since June of 2007, both in terms of us as fans and the geek world in general.  I came up with a list of ten things that stood out and over three hours Steve and I go through that list.  How has the technology of doing these shows changed?  What was the podcasting landscape like back in ’07 as compared to 2017?  What about the television and film worlds?  What about Superman?  Together, Steve and I ask these questions and others and answer them and probably sound like we’re two old men yelling a clouds and telling kids to get off our lawns.

Sort of.  We’re mostly positive.

Thanks to Steve for appearing on the show.  He is a much better friend than I deserve.

Next Time: I finally wrangle Andy and Shag on a show together.

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