Episode 268: Semi-Retired

Over the past few years I have been selling off the majority of my comic book collection and back in August I sold the final, giant chunk all in one lot.  At the same time, I have felt myself moving farther and farther away from the modern comic book marketplace.  Since Views is all about my history with and opinons on comics I thought it would be interesting to sit down and talk about those two developments.  I tried doing it solo, but it never worked.  Around the same time, Andrew Leyland (he of Palace of Glittering Delights and Listen to the Prophets: A Deep Space Nine Podcast) was going through a similar set of circumstances, so we got together and spent about two hours discussing our feelings on collecting and comics and how things are different now.

This is my anti-catharsis episode.  We’re not here to yell at clouds (though a little of that does happen).  We’re here to talk about how it is to be a semi-retired comic book reader, fan, and collector.  Discussions include my collecting history, the different reasons Andy and I have sold our books, adventures in eBay selling, what we’re currently enjoying, and why it’s okay to walk away.

Warning: There is political talk in this episode.  Not a lot, but it’s there.

Next Time: No clue.  I haven’t decided on an episode yet.  Stay tuned.

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