Episode 2: Cobra-Kai

This time out my interests turn to television, specifically binging television on Netflix.  I, like many kids raised during the eighties, have an affection for the Karate Kid series of films.  I like them all, to one degree or another.  I even like The Next Karate Kid, which had some problems, but was an enjoyable entry into the series.  So, when YouTube decided to start running original programming and one of those shows was a continuation of the Karate Kid universe called Cobra Kai I wasted in no time watching the first two episodes of the first season and…not signing up for the service to watch the rest.

I’m kind of lazy when it comes to watching television series.

Anyway, even after watching the free preview of the first episode of the second season, I still didn’t watch the show.  It took the series coming to Netflix, which I have a subscription to, and a vacation during a pandemic for me to binge the entire series.

And.  I.  Loved it.

My good friend The Irredeemable Shag (he of The Fire and Water Podcasting Network and the Justice League International: Bwah-Ha-Ha Podcast) also binged the show and we sat down for nearly two hours to talk about the series.  What did we like?  What characters gave us the feels the most?  How does Shag as a parent feel about how the kids are portrayed on the show?  Is Stingray annoying or awesome?  Listen and kind out the answers to all of these question.

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Next Time: No clue.  The next episode has not been recorded yet, but this is an irregular show, so it will return at some point.

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