Adventures 440 SplashI was at work today when I got the following Facebook message from my buddy Devin Clancy.

Don’t know if you saw this… you are quoted on Amazon’s Man of Steel Vol. 8 page under Editorial Reviews.

He provided me with a link to Amazon listing for Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 8 and since I was on lunch I went to that listing and sure enough under Editorial Reviews was a quote from this blog entry where I discussed finding out that the book was coming out.  I have to admit that it was weird seeing my name there.  I know this isn’t the hugest deal in the world but at the same time there is a big of validation in finding yourself getting quoted somewhere.  I don’t even know how Editorial Reviews work on Amazon or who writes them.  All I know is that it was pretty cool to get that message for Devin.

Now back to obscurity.

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