Wow, this was a big week.

I didn’t set out for it to be such a big week, but between some very cheap acquisitions from my good buddy eBay and the comics I bought this week I am phat with Superman comics, which is good on one level and kind of overwhelming at the same time.

This post has so many covers to show that I am going to use the whole “Read More” feature for the first time.

That feels a lot more historic than it should.

All right.  Let’s get to it.

First up are the new (or in some cases newish) books.  Superman didn’t have a whole heck of a lot in the new comics department this week, but I ended up enjoying both of them.

Superman Confidential #14

I honestly had no idea that this was the last issue of Superman Confidential, which shows that apparently I am not paying attention.  I actually have some things to say about this last issue and the series as a whole so I don’t want to get into it too much here.  Suffice to say I actually liked this story and this last issue.

Weird that.

Justice Society of America #14

Despite having a gigantic cast I am still loving this book.  My main comic book obsession is Superman but my second is the Justice Society/All-Star Squadron and Geoff Johns has made this a book that goes to the top of the reading pile on the week it comes out.

Justice Society of America #14 Variant

Yeah, I bought the variant cover.  I do this for the Superman titles and Justice Society of America. 

The newish books (as in the books that have come out in the past few weeks that I just got around buying) are as follows.

Action Comics #863 Variant

The Titans store I have my box at didn’t have this last week.  Luckily the other one did.

Action Comics #858 Variant

Yes, this second printing of Action Comics #858.  I am a completist and given how the story turned out this was a rather appropriate color scheme.

Supergirl Vol. 4 #28

I feel kind of bad buying this issue of Supergirl because I dropped the book in protest of how terrible and uneven it has been.  I just couldn’t stay away though. 


I’m so weak.

Finally, in the last of the books I bought at comic shops this week I present a classic cover from late 1970, though the cover date is listed as February 1971.

Superman Vol. 1 #234

This is the second part of the whole “Kryptonite No More”/”Sand Creature” storyline.  I got this for a song.  Five bucks and it’s in great condition.


All right.  On to the eBay swag.

First up is a novel I paid the “pricely” sum of $3.80 and that was such a deal.  This is one of those few times that I kept my bid low and ended up winning it anyway.

Miracle Monday

I bought the first novel of this “series”, Last Son of Krypton, about ten years ago and am psyched that I finally got this one.

The next eBay victory was a lot (as in a grouping, not a large number of) of Pre-Crisis books that I got for the grand total of $7.  There were about ten books in the lot and I had a few of them, but for seven bucks it was worth having some doubles to get the ones I needed.  Here is a smattering of those covers.

Superman Vol. 1 #274

Superman Vol. 1 #301

Superman Vol. 1 #303

Superman Vol. 1 #305

And that’s it for this week.  Good stuff all around, I think.

More to follow…

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