Welcome back to YouTube Tuesday, the day of the week where I get to be really lazy and instead of posting anything of substance I distract you with a shiny video.  With Christmas fast approaching (it’s only four weeks away now) I am in a holiday mood. 

The problem is there are very few Christmas/Superman related videos out there and as I post more of these they are getting harder and harder to find.  Next week’s video is a no brainer and kind of a cheat and I really can’t post one the week after that because, well, it’s Christmas Day.  So I am kind of stuck as far as videos are concerned.  Sure I could post some fan videos with Lois and Clark footage against Christmas music but I rarely like those.  I did manage to find this one.

I actually like that episode of Lois and Clark quite a bit.  In all honesty all of the Christmas themed episodes of L&C were a lot of fun.  Especially the Mxyzptlk one.  The cast even wished us a Merry Christmas one year.

And you can even see Dean Cain in several made-for-television Chrismas movies like this one.

All things being equal that movie is fun.  Seriously.  A little chessy but watchable nonetheless.  Then again I have grown quite fond of cheesy Christmas movies.  Some of the ones my wife and I have watched this year have turned out to be quite good.

No, really.  They are.

Stop looking at me like that.

More to follow…

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