Welcome to another YouTube Tuesday!  This week I present the First Look at Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the next in DC’s line of animated films.


I re-read the story arc from Superman/Batman just yesterday and in addition to enjoying it more than I thought I would have on the second re-through and finding some problems with the story that I didn’t notice the first time I also found that there wasn’t all that much “fat” that you would have to cut for an animated version as opposed to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.  It’s a pretty straightforward story and moves briskly, thanks mainly to Michael Turner’s two page spreads.  So while I am still very much in a wait and see position I am a little more on the positive side going in than the negative.

More to follow…

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3 Responses to YOUTUBE TUESDAY FOR 08/10/2010

  1. Damien Crawford says:

    Something I would have to check when it is released.
    I noticed they dismissed all of the other Supergirls since the crisis though when talking about her back story in the beginning of the clip.

  2. Michael Bradley (omike015) says:

    It is difficult to tell from the glimpses of the animatic, but my hope is the final animation will be considerably more modest with Kara’s appearance than Turner’s artwork was, particularly in the scenes immediately following her crashdown in Gotham.

  3. penfold says:

    It’s unlikely the adaptation will fix the story’s plotholes and character motivations. For starters, it makes no sense for Batman to be suspicious of Kara. He’s a detective. He follows the evidence where ever it leads, even if he doesn’t like the conclusion. He remains objective through out. It would make more sense for Superman to be skeptical about Kara’s claims than it would Batman.

    For seconders, the attack of the Amazons also makes no sense. If Batman orchestrated it, why did he square off with Artemis?

    Plotholes. I’ll check it out but I doubt I’ll like the movie version any more than I did the comic.

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