Welcome to another YouTube Tuesday here at the Fortress!  This week I decided to tie into the recent release of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse again.  I have not seen the film yet though it is sitting about three feet away from me at the moment but in anticipation of seeing Superman and Darkseid throw down I thought I would post some videos of past battles between those two crazy kids.  First up is the fight from the final episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

The reason I like this fight so much is that it ended the series on kind of a downer.  Sure the fight was great and Superman won the physical battle but it didn’t change anything on Apokolips and there was still a healthy amount of distrust on Earth.  It was very dramatic and separated this series from the pack.

Superman talking trash doesn’t always work.  He’s not the kind of character to crack wise or come off as a bad ass during a fight.  Here they rode the line well and I think George Newburn did a fantastic job with the line, “Let’s go.”  They also made Superman a little more bloodthirsty here, but given the circumstances I think it works.

My favorite gag?  The heat vision hot foot.

Pure awesome.

And now a video composed of 100% win.

I like the fact that they call back to their last fight with Darkseid saying, “Let’s go.”  The epicness here comes from Superman’s speech right before he unloads on Darkseid.  I loved it the first time I saw and I still love it.  It kind of ended poorly for Superman but between that and Luthor’s power suit line I dig the hell out of this fight.  Oddly enough Michael Ironside and Clancy Brown shared screen time on ER during that show’s run, so it is neat to see the bad guys from Highlander 1 and 2 working together again.

It is kind of funny though.  As Justice League Unlimited went along the collateral damage kept increasing to the point that in this episode they wreck a good chunk of Metropolis.  It’s cool and disturbing at the same time.

And that is all for today.   I cannot promise that there will be a post tomorrow as I am on stay-cation but I will try,

More to follow…

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One Response to YOUTUBE TUESDAY FOR 10/05/2010

  1. Alan Leach Jr. says:

    I think these three scenes expertly show how Superman can be exciting and relavent in modern times. Someone needs to sit Zack Snyder down, slap him upside the head, and say listen 300 boy if you want to find how to do Superman this is it. How badass is that last fight, I love it so much I have it on my iPod so I can watch it and listen to his speech whenever I want, yes I’m a geek that way. You have one of the badest badasses of the DCU played with scene chewing glee by Michael Ironside and Superman does not flinch, he knows the rest of his team can take out the parademons, but he has to keep Darkseid out of play or things will get much worse. What is Darkseid’s opening move? He hits Superman with the Daily Planet, not just the globe he pounds him through the whole freaken building! Superman takes a beating, but manages to hold him off while the civilians get out of dodge, hopefully, and then the gloves are off. I can remeber talking to people while JLU was on the air and they always mentioned how Supeprman was powered down for the show, well he lays down why in his speech. “I live in a world of cardboard,” gives me chills every single time, then he just lays into the big man, and you see what happens when you take the nicest, most humble, most honorable and most noble man on the planet and you piss him off, because what most people don’t understand is its not the loudmouth bully you should be afraid of its the good man who has been pushed to far and the fire in his belly has been lit and he will not stand for any more of your [email protected]#t. For the first time Darkseid knows fear and truely feels like he will loose. Of course Darkseid has to use a gimic at the end to get away, but he knows in a straight fight the Man can take him and embarass him so the badass has to cheat to get the upper hand. It just puts it all together for me, no matter how bad it gets Superman will find a way to save the day.

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