Welcome back to YouTube Tuesday, the day of the week where I get to be really lazy and instead of posting anything of substance I distract you with a shiny video.  This week I present more deleted scenes from Superman Returns.

I have mixed feelings about these scenes.  The Scrabble game between Martha and Ben Hubbard only works if you include all of the Ben Hubbard material that was cut from the film.  Personally I wished they had left that small, mostly unimportant but character driven sub-plot in.  For those of you not “in the know” one of the many aspects cut from Superman Returns was the fact that not only was Martha in a relationship with Ben Hubbard (a character mentioned by Clark in Superman: The Movie but was never shown) but the two were planning to sell the farm and move away together.  I guess Ben took Clark’s request to look after things to their natural conclusion.  To my mind showing that Martha, like everyone else on Earth, had moved on after Superman left would have given the first act of the film a bit more heft and played into the feelings of doubt Clark was feeling after being gone so long.

Clark waking up isn’t a deal breaker but again it would have given the first act a little more emotional heft.  The Photoshopping of the currents actors faces onto the old photographs looks a little weird.  The scenes showing young Clark learn about his x-ray vision followed by current Clark heading into the cellar and finding Lois’ article works for me but I can also see why it was axed.  It would have changed the dynamic of Clark finding Lois’ Pulitzer win once he returned to the Daily Planet.  It’s a good sequence with some interesting special effects but ultimately it is the one scene that I can look at and say, “Yeah, I can see why they cut that one out.”

That’s it for this edition of YouTube Tuesday.  Next time?  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll talk about Superman Returns some more.  Maybe I’ll move on to something else entirely.  Stay tuned.

More to follow…

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