I’m feeling kind of basic today.  Nothing fancy or overly informative.  Just two movie trailers to what many consider to be the worst of the Superman films.

It’s time to dig out the trailers to Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

Two things fascinate me about this trailer the first being how they completely misrepresent Richard Pryor’s role in the film.  This is common for trailers but it is glaring here.  The second, and more important point of interest is how they pretty much give away the ending for the film in the trailer.

Congratulations, guys.

You blew the ending.

In the freaking trailer.

That’s great.  That’s just great.  No need to see it now, I guess.  Good job!

Who cut this thing together?  And what executive or producer looked at it and said, “You know, it blows the final reel but let’s put it through anyway.”


As the kids say, “WTF?”

I did see this trailer in the theater.  At least I think I did.  I seem to remember seeing it.  I also seem to remember seeing Superman III itself in the theater as well making it one of the two Superman movies I saw on the big screen the other being Superman Returns.

I vividly remember where I was when I first saw this trailer.  For three summers starting in 1986 and ending in 1988 my family would spend a week in Ocean City, Maryland.  During the first year we went to see a movie during a rainy day and we did something similar in 1987.  My sisters and I saw Innerspace, which is a rather amusing film starring Dennis Quaid, Martin Short and Meg Ryan.  This trailer came up before the film and I about lost my damn mind.  “A new Superman film?  Why was I not told?  Aren’t I reading the comics now?  I gotta fire that executive assistant.”

Overall it is a rather impressive trailer.  They chose the better shots of the film with the exception of Superman putting the Great Wall of China back together just by…you know…looking at it.  That opening shot, though, of the Warner Bros. logo breaking apart and Clark Kent running towards a phone booth with the voice over sets up what was ultimately a rather disappointing movie.  I also recall being taken aback by Superman uttering the words, “Effective immediately I am going to rid our planet of all nuclear weapons.”  I was excited.  The eleven year old me wanted to see this film.

But I didn’t.  It was in and out of theaters before I had a chance.  Very sad.  I go into that story in the near future.  It’ll bring tears to your eyes.  I swear it will.

There is actually a scene in this trailer that was not in the theatrical cut.  Lex Luthor saying, “I’m smarter than I thought,” was in the thirty-four or so minutes of the movie that was cut before it made it to the cinema.  Also, the guy saying, “The Dude of Steel!” is none other than Jon Cryer, he of Two and a Half Men fame.

In all honesty while both of these films have their flaws I have a lot of affection for them, especially Superman III.  The fight between the “good” and “evil” Superman was and is my favorite moment from any of the films followed closely by the helicopter rescue from Superman: The Movie.

Well, that’s it for this week’s YouTube Tuesday.  I’ll get off this Superman kick by next week I promise.


More to follow…

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