As the title of this post suggest Jeffrey and I have finally gotten to Zero Hour: Crisis in Time over on From Crisis to Crisis.  To celebrate this and because it seemed like a fun idea I am going to be devoting most (not all but most) of the posts to that event and its follow up Zero Month.  This will be similar to the coverage I gave to the Death and Return of Superman, just on a smaller scale.

To kick things off I have the article from Wizard: The Guide to Comics #36 (August 1994) that Jeff and I talked about in the most recent (as of this posting) episode of the show.  It was a fairly in depth article with some great pictures to go along with it.  What I don’t have is the cover, which I chose not to scan because it was Spider-Man related and that didn’t feel like it belonged here.  Oddly enough it was a Spider-Man cover drawn by future Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada.  Anyway, here is the article.

Wizard also had a contest going on that month that was Zero Hour related.

ZH Wizard Contest

That is quite the grand prize.  I am impressed at the thoroughness of it.  I am also kind of curious if some Wizard staffer had to pony up his or her comics for it.  In any case Wizard regularly ran contests like this.  They all had the same kind of snarkiness you read here but then again that was sort of Wizard’s thing.

The final bit of business I have for you today is an odd looking ad for a Zero Hour themed QVC event.

ZH Wizard QVC

For those not in the know QVC is a home shopping channel, which was founded in 1986.  QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience and during the early part of the ’90s they had a lot of programming hawking signed versions of comics at dramatically inflated prices.  While I did not watch this particular “episode” I did catch some of the Death and Return comics they had programming for.  I think the biggest take away I have from this ad is how ugly it is.  The red and yellow coloring is really hard on the eyes.  The fact that they went with their own logo for Zero Hour suggests to me that they didn’t permission to use any of the logos associated with the comic or the company.  Even still that is one ugly ad.

Next time: Zero Hour in Previews!

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