Man of Steel Mondays

Me and Superman, Superman and Me Part 2



“How My Jacked Up Grill Led To Me Collecting Superman”

In our last installment I related the story of “the one that got away”. We’re going to jump ahead a little bit in time to the spring or so of 1987.

By this point my family had made the move from Mountain Top to Wescosville and we were settled into the house on Promise Lane. It was me, my Mom, my previously mentioned Dad and the three older sisters, Mary, Ginny and Jane.

Yes, I was the youngest of four and the only boy. Some might think that this would be a terrible way to grow up and if I wanted to get the sitcom type laugh I would riff on how terribly oppressive my upbringing was but frankly I can’t. In retrospect and through the 20/20 of hindsight I can’t think of a better way to grow up. We were all two years apart, so it may not have been the tightest knit of families but we got by. My sister Jane and I fought like cats and dogs, but she was closest to me in age so that seemed natural.

Me around this time.  So yeah, needed those braces kind of bad.
Me at 10. So yeah, needed those braces kind of bad.

We all had varying degrees of jacked up grills as well. I am not one to point fingers but considering my mother had to have braces when I was a wee lad I think it is pretty safe to say that it was probably her side of the genetics that caused this. Mary, the eldest, didn’t have too much of a problem and Ginny had a very limited time in braces and from there it was a sliding scale of dental horror. Jane had an overbite best described as unfortunate and my teeth stuck out like God was daring people to hit me in the face. Oddly enough I was never punched in the face as a child or had a soccer ball hit me square in the jaw as my mother was perpetually afraid of, though I did go over my handle bars when I was about eight or so and chipped the hell out of my two front teeth.

Basically Jane and I had teeth that your average orthodontist would look at and immediately hear the “cha ching” of a cash register.

Shortly after moving into the house on Promise Lane we, as a family basically, started going to Dr. Tighe’s office. Dr. Tighe was the orthodontist that saw my mother through braces the first time we lived in Allentown back in the late seventies and so it makes sense that he would be the one to be entrusted with the oral modification of her children. I did not enter braces right away. They wanted to wait another year or so to make sure that my teeth had settled into “adulthood” so my time in iron would wait. That didn’t mean I didn’t go to the orthodontist’s office, though. There would be many a time where I would join my mother and sisters as they went to their appointments, which may sound boring and if memory serves it pretty much was.

Well, it mostly was and if life has taught me anything mostly boring is slightly exciting.

See, Dr. Tighe’s office was LOUSY with comics. Continue reading MAN OF STEEL MONDAYS ON TUESDAY…IN COLOR!


I’m feeling kind of basic today.  Nothing fancy or overly informative.  Just two movie trailers to what many consider to be the worst of the Superman films.

It’s time to dig out the trailers to Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.


Two things fascinate me about this trailer the first being how they completely misrepresent Richard Pryor’s role in the film.  This is common for trailers but it is glaring here.  The second, and more important point of interest is how they pretty much give away the ending for the film in the trailer.

Congratulations, guys.

You blew the ending.

In the freaking trailer.

That’s great.  That’s just great.  No need to see it now, I guess.  Good job!

Who cut this thing together?  And what executive or producer looked at it and said, “You know, it blows the final reel but let’s put it through anyway.”


As the kids say, “WTF?”



Man of Steel Mondays

Me and Superman, Superman and Me Part 1

“How It Should Have Started”

Welcome to Part 1 of Me and Superman, Superman and Me, a series within a series so to speak as this falls under the umbrella of Man of Steel Mondays.  For the foreseeable future, on Mondays at least, I will be going through my history as a Superman fan.  Whether or not this will be entertaining remains to be seen, but I thought it might be worth a lark to chart the course of my life as a fan of Superman.

Actually that’s not quite right.  This will be a history of my life as a collector of the Superman comics.  I am not going all the way back to my life as a wee lad and my love of the Super Friends and the Christopher Reeve movies or of when I read Superman: From The Thirties to the Seventies in elementary school because frankly that’s all there is too it.  The interesting stuff or at least the stuff I think is interesting comes when I actually began collecting the comics, so that’s where we are going to start.  In essence I am going to write about how this…



I was checking some of the other blogs that I peruse on a regular basis and came across these two posts on the Speed Force blog and Once Upon a Geek.

Well, it was bound to happen.

Vibe: Rebirth.

You know, I have written a lot of…negative things about the direction that DC Comics has taken.  I’ve even made some grumblings about the fact that they have been bringing back too many characters that were previously dead.  I have made peace with Hal’s resurrection because he got a raw deal back in the ’90s but there was something about Barry’s death that meant something to the DC Universe.  Add to that the fact that Dan DiDio has made several comments suggesting that DC is looking forward despite bringing back characters from the dead and…well…I made this.

But you know, it’s time to stop all of that.  It’s time to accept that the current regime is going to do what it will do and just get on board.  Some might call this drinking the Kool-Aid but I like to look at it as looking for the best and downplaying the worst.

And Vibe is just the character to do that with.

Vibe was the greatest character that DC created in the eighties and his death was both useless and probably a little on the bigoted side.  Here was a Latino character that was a member of the Justice League of America and they cast him aside during a big crossover no less.  Now what I think about it Vibe and Barry have a lot in common.  Both were created as the harbingers of a new era and both were killed during a company wide crossover.  As far as I know Barry can’t break dance but Vibe can’t vibrate through solid objects, so they have their differences too.  I mean they way he died was a complete throwaway scene and seemed to me to be a statement that we’re getting rid of these young upstarts because they aren’t the traditional Justice League.  It’s ironic, when you think about it, that this happened considering the next incarnation of the League was the Giffen/DeMatteis version that was sixteen different kinds of awesome.

Vibe would have fit perfectly into that League.  DC should be ashamed of themselves for killing him like they did.

And to have Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver on this project just fills me with all kinds of hope.  They are just the team to get this project off the ground and I hope…I really hope that Vibe gets to have his version of The Sinestro Corps War two years down the road.

This is going to be so awesome.  I really can’t wait.

In fact, starting tomorrow I am turning the Fortress into a blog about Vibe.  It’s time to follow Shag into the single character blog arena.  I want to be in on the ground floor of this series and report on the return of DC’s single greatest character of all time.

More to follow…about Vibe!