ACQUISITIONS – 07/07/2010

While I have stopped buying the monthly Superman titles I haven’t stopped working on my Superman collection.  These posts are meant to show off those acquisitions.

About eight years ago I made a concerted effort to build up my Pre-Crisis Superman collection.  It was an era that I had never given much thought to or wanted to focus on but I figured if I was going to be a fan of the character I should try to learn as much as I could about all of his incarnations.  Of all of the titles that have been hard to find Superman Family has been one of the toughest.  I don’t know if the print runs were low or what but it’s hard to find them, hard to find them at a good price and hard to find them in good condition.  A week or so back I lucked into a lot on eBay that fit both the good price and the good condition criteria.  It was a 20 or so issue lot mainly in the 190’s and 200’s of the book.  I scanned all of the covers and over the course of a few posts I’ll share them here because some of are quite awesome.

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