Welcome to YouTube Tuesday where I choose from an assortment of Superman related clips from YouTube and share them with y’all.

This week I thought I would wind the clock back to 2006 and remember a time when Superman Returns was something Superman fans were looking forward to and not something that brings up the venom and bile.  First up is the teaser trailer.


I vividly remember seeing this trailer and getting very, very excited.  The Marlon Brando narration was very cool and what I saw of Superman made me very happy.  What I liked most of all about this trailer was the shot of the people of Metropolis looking up into the sky.  I had never seen that in a big-budget Superman film before and it just made me a very happy Superman fan.


The second trailer and the one that gave us more of a look at Superman in the film and once the Superman music kicked in I was all about this movie.  The excitement was there and we got to once again see certain shots of Superman that we had never seen on the big screen before.  The two clips that really got my attention back then were the shot where Superman is just flying over the crowd on the street and the shot where Superman spins around on his back and starts using his heat vision.  I remember thinking something like, “Damn, this thing is going to be good.”

Shortly before seeing the film I caught this international trailer and it is straight up my favorite of the lot.


My reaction to this one was, “Holy crap!”  Seriously, there was so much awesome in this trailer it’s not even funny.  The choral music in the beginning, the action shots, especially Superman walking into the hail of gunfire.  Everything about this trailer made me think this was going to be a great Superman film and that last clip had me sixteen different kinds of happy.

He took a bullet to the eye.  I hate to repeat myself but that is just something we had never seen before.

As neat as it is to look back on these trailers I can’t help but feeling that we were kind of lied to.  Sure there was an emotional undercurrent to them that would lead you to believe that there was going to be some serious introspection on the part of Superman but at the same time the second two were action freaking packed with Superman doing all kinds of Superman type things.  I think this is why I was so disappointed in the movie.  I can’t place the blame of  feeling misled at the feet of Bryan Singer directly because I don’t know for sure that he cut these trailers together but man they really wanted us to think this was going to be a summer blockbuster and it turned out to be kind of an indie film version of Superman with a couple of great action pieces.

Very sad.

Here’s hoping the next one is a lot better and also here’s hoping they keep Routh because I really liked him in the role.

Tomorrow…more fun stuff from the vaults here at the Fortress.

More to follow…