I like to think of myself as someone that knows this era of Superman.  I hesitate to call myself an expert but at the same time I am confident in my knowledge of the Post Crisis Superman.  Despite this I still find myself discovering new and exciting things from this time period.  Things like this…

In addition to releasing a Platinum version of Superman #75 (which you can read about here) DC also released, in limited quantities, a Platinum version of the trade.  There are no differences between this trade and the standard one outside of the stripe on the cover telling us that this is the Platinum version but it is still very cool to own.  My good friend Shag (he of Firestorm Fan fame) gave me this asking only that I hand over one of my copies of the standard trade in case he ever wanted to read it again.  Apparently he got this at a Diamond Comics retailer summit that he attended back when he managed a comic book store.  So thanks, Shag!  This was an awesome thing to discover.

More to follow…


Today I wrap up my coverage of the artwork that Dan Jurgens and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez provided for the young adult novelization Superman: Doomsday and Beyond.  In this final installment we see Lois and Clark reunited and…an ad.

It’s a pretty cool ad, though.


And there you have it, folks!  All of the beautiful art that Jurgens and Garcia Lopez did for the Young Adult novel.  I have a few more things to roll out as far as the Death and Return of Superman coverage goes but as weird as it is to type this I am close to wrapping this series up.  This doesn’t mean the Fortress is closing up shop, though.  I still have a bunch of Superman stuff to post about so stay tuned and as always…

More to follow…


Today I present more of the artwork that Dan Jurgens and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez provided for the young adult novelization Superman: Doomsday and Beyond.  In this exciting installment we see the Man of Steel return and Superman and the Cyborg fight to the finish.


Next time: Superman and Lois reunite and “Buy Our Books!”

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Today I present more of the artwork that Dan Jurgens and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez provided for the young adult novelization Superman: Doomsday and Beyond.  In this exciting installment we see Supergirl and Lex make a shocking discovery and Jonathan Kent fighting “Jor-El” for the soul of his son.


Next time: War of the Supermen!

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Today I present more of the artwork that Dan Jurgens and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez provided for the young adult novelization Superman: Doomsday and Beyond.  In this exciting installment we see Kal-El seconds after he arrives on Earth, Doomsday seconds after he escapes from his underground prison and the Man of Steel and Doomsday slugging it out.


Next time: A hero falls and a funeral for a friend.

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The Death and Return of Superman was so epic it received not one but two novelizations.  The first was written by Roger Stern and aimed at a more general audience.  The second was written by Louise Simonson aimed at a younger crowd.  Part of me wants to poke fun at the fact that there was a “young adult” version of Superman getting killed but I have a lot of good will in me at the moment and can’t bring myself to do so I’ll distract myself with the awesomely awesome cover to the “young adult” version.

That’s Alex Ross’ first mainstream Superman piece, by the way.  In case you are interested in such things.

Anyway, in addition to having that awesomely awesome cover there were a handful of illustrations inside the books as well.  To say that the art for these illustrations is amazing is a bit of an understatement.  They are gorgeous, which makes sense considering the artists responsible are Dan Jurgens and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.  These are two men that defined Superman for two generations so it was great to see them provide the art for this book.

Jeff and I are heading into the home stretch of our coverage of Reign of the Supermen.  In fact next week we’ll be covering Superman #82.  It’s really weird to type that.  Sure we have a few episodes after that to wrap up the Death and Return of Superman as a storyline but next week we’ll be talking about the book where Superman truly returned.  To celebrate this I thought I would devote the next seven entries to the Jurgens/Garcia-Lopex fueled illustrations from the “young adult” novelization.  I will be going two at a time and to start this series off we have a bunch of head shots of the most important players in the Death and Return of Superman.

Okay…maybe “most important players” might be a bit of an exaggeration in the case of Charlie and Mitch.  Sure they are in the book and to be fair Mitch was present for a couple of key moments but when you compare them to Mongul or even Director Westfield they seem to be…less important.  That’s just me though.  Well, me and my snarkiness.  Sometimes it is a beast I can’t slay.

On the other hand…BIBBO!

Because Bibbo is awesome.  I will accept no arguments on this front.  I am even willing to go out back and slug it out with whoever disagrees with me.

Bibbo’s my fav’rit.  He really is.

Next time: Origins, Doomsday and even more Doomsday.

More to follow…


Episode 144: Reign of the Supermen Part 10

Welcome to the one hundred and forty-fourth episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast!  This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index.  Part commentary.  Part history lesson.  All podcast.


This week Mike and Jeff continue their coverage of the last act in the DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN saga and, like the rest of the REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN issues, they’ve brought along a friend.  Joining the boys this time out is J David Weter, host of Superman Forever Radio and co-host of The New 52 Adventures of Superman, Superman in the Bronze Age and PAD Smash: An Incredible Hulk Podcast.  David is here just in time too because there is more BLOODLINES talk to be had.  Surprisingly ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN ANNUAL #5 was not terrible.  In fact, the introduction of Sparx was kind of good, which surprised…everyone.  Then the boys and guest cover SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #26 where Mongul fights Superman and the Cyborg fights Steel!

Mike and Jeff would like to thank J. David Weter for coming back on the show and want him to know he is welcome back anytime!

You can subscribe to the show in two ways. First there is the RSS Feed and there is also the iTunes link.

If you want to comment on the show or contact the hosts you can always private message Mike and Jeff, at the Superman Homepage, leave comments here or at the Homepage or here or email them by clicking this link.  All questions, concerns, fears, trepidations and cheap shots are welcome.

Next time: Nothing much of consequence happens in GREEN LANTERN #46 and SUPERMAN #82.  Nothing at all.


The bad news: I cannot find my set of Bloodlines trading cards.  They are somewhere in my house but I just can’t locate them at the moment.

Some would argue that this is bad news.

The good news: I scanned the cards with the four Supermen on them over four years ago.  The reason I wanted to find the full set that I own is I wanted to scan the cards for the characters that appeared with the four Supermen.  So for now you’ll have to settle for the Supermen cards, though I am holding back on a few until Jeff and I complete our coverage of Reign of the Supermen.

So here is the ad you would find in Previews or the comics for the card series and then the cards themselves.  As always, enjoy.

And, just because it was in the box of cards that I bought back in 2002, here is the Cyborg Chase Card.

I apologize that the images are so small.  I was in a different head space back in 2008 when I scanned these.  If…n…when I find the set again I will re-scan them at a higher resolution and give y’all a better look at the cards in addition to scanning the backs and getting the Loose Cannon, Myriad, etc. cards scanned as well.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to serving you in the future.

More to follow…