Direct Currents- Stern Ordway JurgensFCTC is running late this week, folks.  I’ll explain a little more in the next episode of the show (which should be out soon) but let’s just say that real life has made itself known again, though this time it’s a pretty cool thing, especially for Jeff.  Until then enjoy this little blast from the past.  This appeared in the back of Direct Currents though I am not sure which one as I clipped this way back when it came out and ditched the rest of the issue because I did not foresee things like the Internet or my desire to talk about Superman on said Internet.  It was in the early fall of 1990 because Ordway, Jurgens and Stern are talking about Superman #50 but that’s all I have to place the time period this was published in.  In the end it really doesn’t matter as this is a cool little piece and brings back a lot of great memories of being a teenaged comic book fan entering the ninth grade.

I’d make a joke about feeling old but considering we just hit the twenty year mark for Lois and Clark that feeling is omnipresent at the moment.