Every time I think I have this whole Death and Life of Superman thing covered something comes along to remind me that I really don’t.

Last weekend I was listening to the first episode of DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast (part of the Fire and Water Family of Podcasts) hosted by the Irredeemable Shag (of Firestorm Fan fame) and Siskoid (of Siskoid’s Blog of Geekery).  If you haven’t heard of this show yet and are a fan of the Mayfair DC Roleplaying Game then I heartily suggest you check the show out because not only is it hosted by two awesome people but it is a treasure trove of info about the previously mentioned Mayfair DC Roleplaying Game.  Towards the end of the episode they mentioned that the game had a third edition, which I remembered hearing about but never looked into because it hadn’t really popped up on my radar yet.

Well it has now.


Because while talking about that third edition it was revealed that the four Supermen (Cyborg, Steel, Last Son and don’t call him Superboy) all had entries.  Suddenly I was Brody in the movie Mallrats after learning that Stan Lee was at the comic shop in the mall.


Well, it proves one thing.   Actually it proves several things but the main thing it proves is that there is still much about the Death and Return that I have to learn and that I can’t get lax in continuing to find new and interesting bits of business about the story.

It also proves that I need to learn more about the Mayfair Role Playing game, but I’ll let Shag and Siskoid be my guides on that journey.

Thanks to a friend (who shall remain nameless because I didn’t ask if it was cool for me to say) I have scans of the Reign of the Supermen entries.  There are more Superman related items in the third edition but I really wanted to get these out there first.  Enjoy!

And check out DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast…because it is awesome.

DC Heroes 3rd Edition DC Heroes 3rd Edition DC Heroes 3rd Edition