So I don’t stay anything close to current with this blog.  I have tried to do so from time to time and it just never took.  The reason for this is that I started this blog in 2008 and right around that time I started my slow descent into being an angry, bitter comic book fan before finally coming out on the other side in 2011 with a better attitude but still having serious problems with what DC and Marvel were doing.  I found it was possible to dislike a decision one of the companies, DC especially, made but not take it so freaking personally.  Some may have taken this as me back tracking or trying to be a kinder, gentler Mike but the truth is I just lost my taste for unnecessary bitching on the Internet and aside from a few moments of backsliding I have managed to stay that course for the past four years.

That zen approach to comics was challenged recently and while I won’t compare it to an alcoholic walking past a bar and not going in (because that’s a very real struggle and what I went through doesn’t even come close to that) I very nearly went off about some images that were released concerning DC’s soft relaunch in June.

Specifically this one.


When I first saw this cover and the others that popped up over the course of the day I got really annoyed.  I didn’t want to.  It just happened.  Again, I have been trying to control the “raging fury” that dwells within me.  I even started to write what would have turned into a rant over on Facebook but decided against it because I was at work and didn’t want to deal with the comments that would follow.  I figured I would let it simmer and maybe I would calm down, which I eventually did but the Facebook postings continued and the desire to say something about it did not go away.  Then I figured, “Hey, I gots me a blog,” and thus I started typing what you are now reading.

For those coming in late after the whole Convergence thing DC is cancelling a bunch of titles, starting up a bunch of titles and re-tooling 24 of their current books in an effort to rebrand themselves.  They are dropping the New 52 label and focusing more on story and character rather than building a large, shared universe.  Some of the books will be their own things.  Some will tie together.  In a recent interview co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee stated that they will be focusing on canon and not continuity, whatever the hell that means.  To be honest I was a little sour on the new direction DC is going in because one of the interviews (which you can find here) made it seem like they were really trying to engage a new audience while giving short shrift to the readers already buying their books.  This is nothing new for either Marvel or DC but this time it bugged the crap out of me.

In reading the various discussions happening on social media (which admittedly is only a fraction of the comic buying audience) I slowly started to realize what my problems were with this costume in specific and the relaunch in general were as they pertain to Superman.  Here are those problems in no particular order.

1. The new costume comes on the heels of a previous costume change. Continue reading NEW COSTUME…SAME DRAMA…DEEPER SHOVEL

FCTC EPISODE 186: 04-01-2015

FCTC_Ep_186_LargeEpisode 186: 04-01-2015

Welcome to another episode of From Crisis to Crisis!  This time out Jeff and Mike present another commentary!  Enjoy!

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