Episode 15: Christmas 2017

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight.  The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.  They mostly stick to the later part of the Bronze Age but just about any era of Batman is fair game for their discussions.

Well…that’s what Andy and Mike normally do.  This time out they are jumping on the holiday bandwagon and celebrating Christmas with two fantastic Yuletide themed comics and a classic Power Records…record.  First up on the docket is Batman and Robin Adventures #3, which sees the Dynamic Duo taking on the Riddler at a fancy Gentlemen’s Club.  His goal; discover the true identity of Batman!  Or is there something more going on?  Then the guys play the previously mentioned Power Records classic The Christmas Carol Caper where Batman does something he rarely ever has to do.  What is it?  Listen and find out, already!  Finally Andy and Mike talk about The Brave and the Bold #184, where Batman teams up with the Huntress, which should be all kinds of fun if Bruce’s father wasn’t accused of bankrolling a gangster!

All of this and more Christmas cheer than you can stand!


Next Time: Things go back to normal…with Batman and King Faraday fighting Two-Face and then the Teen Titans fighting Batman!


Episode 5: Superman and the Justice League

For this extremely late episode I am doing a bit of coattail riding in terms of Superman appearing in a major motion picture.  Justice League came out last month and whether you love it or hate it and whether you think it sank at the box office or did okay, the film centers around a certain Man of Steel.  This seemed like a good time to talk about Superman’s place in the Justice League and if I’m going to talk about the JLA then an obvious co-host is the co-founder of The Fire and Water Podcast Network (and proprietor of JLASatellite.com) Rob Kelly!  Rob and I discuss Superman’s history with various iterations of the team, why it’s important for him to be a member and some of the highlights of Superman’s tenure with the League.  We also discuss a couple of two-part stories that, ironically, are both JLA/JSA crossovers.  First up is the team-up from Justice League of America issues 73 and 74, which not only features the set-up for a longtime League member to join the team but the first meeting between the Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermans!  Then we travel to the eighties to discuss the last classic JLA/JSA team-up in Justice League of America issues 231 and 232.  The story is enjoyable but these books mainly serve as a chance to talk about how much Rob and I like Supergirl!

After the break I come back with my thoughts on the Justice League movie.  I participated in a round table discussion with Bob Fisher, Jon Wilson and J David Weter (but we got to call him Dave) over on Episode 113 of the Superman Forever Radio podcast and Steve Younis and I talked about the film on the November 14, 2017 and November 21, 2017 episodes of the Radio KAL Live show over at the Superman Homepage.  Scotty V, host of the Great Scott segment over at the Homepage, joined us for the second one and all three of those shows were great to be a part of.   Originally I thought I was going to spend about five to ten minutes talking about the various thoughts that occurred to me after recording those episodes but apparently I had a lot more to say as my original random thoughts became something else.

Finally I go through the feedback I received for the previous episode and do the usual rounds of Facebook comments and likes, Twitter comments, like and shares and iTunes reviews!

Keep those cards and letters and reviews coming, folks!  I enjoy them immensely and I think they add something important to the show!

Here are the covers and selected pages from the comics discussed in this episode!

Big thanks to Rob Kelly for appearing on this episode.  Rob has a bunch of shows you need to be listening to over on The Fire and Water Podcast Network including The Fire and Water Podcast, Who’s Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, The Film and Water Podcast, Superman Movie Minute, The TreasuryCast, The DigestCast, Pod Dylan and The Power Records Podcast.

Next Time: If all goes to plan the next regular episode with feature Trentus Magnus and I discussing the never realized Superman 2000 pitch from the late nineties.


Episode 1: Songs and Stories About The Justice League of America

Welcome to the first episode of Fortress of Baileytude Showcase Presents, an irregular show here at the FOB Network that is all about whatever I happen to feel like talking about at that moment.  There is no set release schedule. There is no set format.  Like The Commitments, it will strike and then slink back into the night from whence it came.

For this first go round I invited Joe Crowe (co-director of the American Sci-Fi Classics Track at DragonCon and part of the Revolutions SF site and RevCast podcast) to stop by and talk about Songs and Stories About The Justice League of America.  This was an album of…well, songs and stories about the JLA that was first released in the late 1960’s and then re-released in the 1970’s.  Not only do we play the themes and stories about Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Flash but Joe and I talk about these characters, our experiences with them and why they are so awesome.  It’s a fun two hours that is meant to tie-in, however tangentially, to some big budget Justice League film that is currently in theaters.

Many thanks to Rob Kelly for helping me out when a few of the tracks I had from this album proved faulty.  You can check out his thoughts on the album by clicking on this link.

I also mentioned an episode of Views From The Longbox that I recorded with Shag, Tom and Stella that went through the Total Justice CD that was released in conjunction with that toy line.  You can find that episode by following this link.

Next Time: A discussion of some sort.  I mean I have something recorded but it seems contrary to the random nature of this show to say what you can expect or when you can expect it.