Episode 267 – Justice League: Darkseid War

Hey!  It’s an episode of Views!  Wonders never cease.

Anyway, this time out I am joined by Stephen Lacey (of Fantasticast fame) to finish some business we started a few years ago.  Way back in episode 191 of this show, Stephen and I talked about Forever Evil in specific and the New 52 version of Justice League in general.  Now we finish that conversation by discussing the final three story lines of Geoff Johns’ run on Justice League.

We begin with the stories packaged in Vol. 6 of the trade paperbacks.  Injustice League continues from where Forever Evil left off with Lex Luthor joining the Justice League whether they like it or not.  We see the early days of Jessica Cruz, Lex confronting Bruce Wayne with the fact that he’s Batman and a zombie outbreak that ended up being really good.  Then, Stephen and I get into Darkseid War by looking at the two trades that collected that story and the trade collecting nearly all of the one shot specials that served as the mid-point of this epic as well as being a pretty decent cash grab.

Keep an ear out for the point in the show where I make a pretty big mistake and leave it in because that’s how I roll.

Special thanks to Stephen for coming back to the show.  We had a lot of fun discussing these comics.

Next Time: Andy Leyland joins me to do a state of the union of our comic collecting.