Episode 275: The Ultimate(s) Talk With Andy

Back in 2002, Marvel began publishing The Ultimates, a then modern and socio-politically aware version of The Avengers set in the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men.  The writer (Mark Millar) and the artist (Bryan Hitch) updated Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the others and produced two series over the course of five years.  I recently finished the first series (after starting it over a decade ago) and read the second one and had some thoughts about those twenty-six issues.  My good friend (and podcasting partner over on The Overlooked Dark Knight) Andrew Leyland read the two series at the same time that I did and our messaging back and forth through Facebook turned into an episode where we discuss our feelings on the series, the characters, the writing of Millar, the art of Hitch, how this series inspired the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what we think of the legacy of the Ultimate line as a whole.

Below are the covers to the comics we discussed during the course of this episode.

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Next Time: No idea, but it will be about comics.  Yeah.  I’ll continue to stick with that.