Episode 22 – Mike’s Year in Superman 2022

2022 is winding down and for the first time ever I thought it would be fun to look back on the big Superman related events and yak about them for roughly an hour and a half. There is no script. I am completely off the cuff and outside of using the truncate silence tool in Audacity and occasionally having to pause to cough or grab a drink of water there is no editing on this one.

Subjects covered in this episode include but are not limited to the Superman books I read this year, why I decided to start picking new comics again, the upcoming events that kick off in January, the 30th anniversary of The Death of Superman the recent dust up with Henry Cavill and Superman and Lois Season 2. I also go into my thoughts on how the fanbase is reacting to all of this news, why I think the current writers on Superman are just killing it, and I end things with going through your feedback on the last episode.

Here’s that cover I mentioned that got me all excited for Joshua Williamson’s new Superman series.

Promos played during this episode include…

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Next Time: Part one of a two part series where I look at my personal Top 10 Favorite Superman Stories of All Time! For reals this time.