Hey, everyone. Michael here with some updates on From Crisis to Crisis, because some things have changed and I wanted to break those changes down for you even though if you do listen to the show you’ll be hearing about this for a number of upcoming episodes.

Last year I made the decision to start transferring all of my shows from the previous way I distributed my podcasts to Libsyn. The reason for this is simple…the old way wasn’t working anymore. From 2008 until last year I put out my shows in the most spit and bailing wire method possible. I copy and pasted/typed the HTML file for the RSS feed and would upload that to the server I rent space from after I would upload the sound file. This worked out just fine and dandy, dandy and fine for well over a decade but starting in 2022 and continuing into 2023 it started taking days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months for the episode to show up in Apple Podcasts and other pod catching apps. I’m not 100% sure why this happened. I suspect it had something to do with Google doing away with updating Feedburner.

Anyway, I got tired of the delays so I started the whole moving to Libsyn thing. Overlooked Dark Knight went first. Then It All Comes Back To Superman. Then I started to move FCTC, but instead of just starting fresh like the other two shows I tried moving the entire feed and it…didn’t work out. I suspect the problem was due to the backwards way I used to do my shows. So, I backed out of that and started a new feed, but in the process of that I nuked the old FCTC feed.

It was a whole thing.

I was able to create a new feed, which was the easiest thing to do with all of this. So that took care of that.

Which brings us to today. For the moment and for the foreseeable future this is how From Crisis to Crisis is going to work.

There will be two feeds.

Feed #1 – From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast – The Classic Feed will have all of the episodes of the show up to 272. The 1997 cover dated books are the cut off there. I don’t see that feed going away anytime soon, so if you want to listen to old episodes that feed will be there. I would like to eventually create a new feed over on Libsyn but that’s when things are a little more stable.

Feed #2 – From Crisis to Crisis: The Married Years – A Superman & Lois Podcast will have it’s own feed that starts with episode 263 (the beginning of our Final Night coverage) and will be the home for the show going forward. I toyed with the idea of starting the numbering over, but Jeff didn’t like that idea and we feel like it’s kind of like Superman becoming Adventures of Superman.

And that’s pretty much it. The show is not going anywhere. Jeff and I are both very excited getting to the Electric Blue era and while the five year mission is decidedly not a five year mission anymore we’re committed to getting to the end of this journey.

Two more things…with new feeds that means that Apple Podcast reviews are needed. It pushes the shows up the chain and gives them more visibility. So, if you could leave reviews at each of the feeds I would appreciate it.

I will also mention that the Fortress has a Patreon, so if you want to and, more importantly, can afford it, please consider giving $1 a month. That will definitely help offset the cost of the new podcasting feeds. Eventually I want to start doing Patreon exlusive things again, but for the moment I can’t, so all I’m asking for is $1. If you don’t want to or can’t, no hard feelings. There is absolutely no pressure here.

Take care, everyone. And thanks for the years of support! We really appreciate it.