So I have this podcast called Views From The Longbox, right?  It is a pretty decent show when I can manage to, you know, actually get an episode out.  On that show I have a semi-regular co-host named Shag and every time we get together a good time is had.  He likes to tell me I’m wrong and I like to humor him. From the beginning of us working together I always wanted Shag to be on more episodes but he kept saying things like, “I have a family,” and “I need to sleep,” and “What about my kids?”  Bottom line; he didn’t have the time.

Apparently all of that was a dirty, dirty lie.

Seems that the real thing holding Shag back from appearing more regularly on Views was that we weren’t talking about either Firestorm or Aquaman on a regular basis.  Or maybe the problem was that my name isn’t Rob Kelly.  I’m not really sure.  In any case Rob (he of The Aquaman Shrine) and Shag have recently started The Fire and Water Podcast, a podcast about the previously mentioned Aquaman and Firestorm.  I listened to the first episode today and was highly entertained.  Shag was a lot kinder and gentler than he usually is but the show is top notch and I cannot recommend it enough.

You can find the show on iTunes by clicking on this link.  Episode posts are also made at Firestorm Fan so check out that site too.

So listen to the show…because Shag and Rob are awesome.

More to follow…


  1. Thanks for the kind words!!

    BTW, “Or maybe the problem was that my name isn’t Rob Kelly” has never been uttered before, ever.

  2. @tnr105 – Thanks for the kind words!

    We didn’t use any Geek Out Loud music to our knowledge. Just the cool Super Friends remix from Cartoon Network, and our original song at the end.


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