And here’s where everyone shakes their head and gives me that…look.

Trial of Superman TPB

This particular trade comes from a time in the Superman books where things were getting a little…wonky.  It was two years past Reign of the Supermen and despite some rather good stories coming out of the Superman titles this was the time period where the books started to get a little crowded with supporting characters. 

I don’t think I’m alone in my lack of enthusiasm for Alpha Centurion and if you don’t recognize that name you have either blissfully forgotten him or are blissfully unaware of him.  Either way there’s bliss involved, so that’s good.

Oddly enough I remember very little about this story and it has nothing to do with denial or the quality of writing and art.  This arc came about during one of the bigger transition periods of my life.  In the middle of The Trial of Superman I made the big move from Pennsylvania to Georgia.  I had to close my box down at the comic shop I called home in Emmaus, PA and had to put the books that were in there had to be put back on the shelf because, well, I was out of money, which is why I had to move in the first place.  With some borrowed cash and misguided priorities I managed to catch up during the move and finally read the whole thing but because of what was going on at the time I can’t remember the particulars of the story.

Guess I have my chance to read it again.

Well, I’ve had the chance to re-read for thirteen years now.  I mean I have the comics and everything.

And now I have the trade to put on the book shelf.

More to follow…

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