ACQUISITIONS – 07/14/2010

Here’s something that came in the mail just yesterday.

This cover is going to garner one of three reactions.

  1. Hey, I have that!
  2. Hey, I need that!
  3. What the heck is Superboy Special #1 from 1992?

Superboy Special #1 from 1992 was a book that I didn’t even know existed until a few years ago and that makes me  feel like an idiot because I like to think of myself as someone who is up on the Superman books released in the Post Crisis on Infinite Earths era.  This reminds me of the day back in 1996 or 1997 that I walked into Titans Games and Comics and found a copy of Superman Special #1 from the same year and thought, “What the hell is this?”  I kind of felt like Brody from Mallrats when he found out Stan Lee was coming to the comic shop in the mall.

It was a real blow to my ego as a Superman reader and collector.

In any case this comic came out in 1992 and served as a wrap up of sorts to the Adventures of Superboy television series that was ending the same year.  I first became aware of this book a few years back when I found that Superman Through the Ages had a complete scan of it.  To be honest the story is kind of awful, mostly because of the ending.  Still, I had to have a physical copy and thanks to eBay and My Comic Shop I now have one.

After the story there was a nice pin-up so I scanned that for your visual pleasure.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow is another exciting episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast.

More to follow…

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