Today I purchased two more issues from the Bronze Age, which is good.  I hadn’t really planned on focusing on the my Superman want list but after starting this blog t just kind of worked out that way.

BTW- My Superman want list is made up of my current Superman collecting goal, which is to have every issue of Superman, Action Comics, World’s Finest, Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes, Supergirl, Superman Family, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen from 1971 until today.  I’m even throwing in Justice League of America for good measure.  It may seem a little insane, but I have a near complete run from 1976 until today so it is achievable and if I’m smart about it and stretch it out over time I can achieve my goal and once I’m done I’m sure that I’ll be satisfied.

Or I’ll start with every Superman book from 1960 until now.  It’s a fifty/fifty shot really.

Today I picked up two books which if I had paid the sticker price would have set me back thirty-two bucks but the shop owner knocked it down to an even twenty.  First up is Superman Vol. 1 #235.

Superman Vol. 1 #235

I like this cover and I really don’t know why.  Maybe because it is different than a lot of the other covers of the era.  Usually there would be one dynamic image and here is a series of images, almost like an interior page.  It does draw attention, though, which important for a good cover.  Next up is Superman Vol. 1 #236. 

Superman Vol. 1 #236

Now that’s a creepy cover.  I mean seriously.  Images of Hell aren’t ones I normally associate with Superman, which is why this particular cover works so well. 

I wonder if this issue scared little kids back in the seventies.  That would be pretty cool.

So two more to cross off the want list, which is very satisfying.

More to follow…

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