The eBay gods have been kind to me lately.

With the financial situation getting better and better I have been hitting eBay more and more and the deals have been pretty sweet.  Superman trades, or at least the ones I have been lucking into, have been rather cheap.  Here are three I have been able to pick up lately.

At first I was a little disappointed that this collection did not include the four issue Phantom Zone mini-series by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan from 1982 but as I was looking through the comics they did include seem pretty cool.  It even has The Man Who Destroyed Krypton from Superman #205 (April 1968), which features the villainous Black Zero, a name that would reappear several times in several forms during the Post Crisis era.

Original cover price? $19.99  Price paid including shipping?  $6.99


The next two were a package deal.

These were both from the same seller and I discovered them about an hour before the auction ended.  I was pretty sure I was going to lose out on both of them because I only put in the opening bid but surprisingly I won both.  Steel: The Forging a Hero collects Issue 1-8 and 0 of that series and I have been keeping an eye out for it on the cheap for some time now just to have it on the shelf.  Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told came out a few years back and while it is not as awesome as the original from 1988 I like it just the same.  Eventually I will get around to the second volume of that series as well as the Superman/Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told and Superboy: The Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told.  Hopefully I will get a good deal on them as well.

Original cover prices of both trades? $39.98.  Total price paid for both trades with shipping? $8.99.

Once again…BARGAIN!

Well that’s it for today.  Just to remind everyone From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast will be a day late this week, so I’ll have something else for you tomorrow.  As always…

More to follow…

4 thoughts on “ACQUISITIONS FOR 07/28/2010”

  1. I have that Steel trade. Picked it up for half of cover price a few years ago at a comic shop in Augusta, GA. Really sweet collection!

  2. I love that Phantom Zone trade! No, it doesn’t include the mini; but the mini is so different from these Silver Age stories in tone and theme, that’s all right. I have this next to the Kandor TPB from a few years back for a nice, two-volume primer on Silver Age Krypton.

    Also, that “Greatest Stories” trade was one of the first books I picked up as a bona fide Superman fan a few years ago. My son and I really enjoyed reading it together, especially the “Three Villains from Krypton” tale. (I forget the exact title.) That Steranko story is “far out,” too…!

  3. Mike, Thanks to you and your various podcasts I’ve gotten back into getting trades myself. I just got The Phantom Zone, Superman Vs. Luthor, and Superman Vs. Brainiac all from the same person for $26 shipped, not as great a deal as you got but a heck of a lot less than the combined $60 cover price. Anyone who wants trades these days really needs to watch ebay or go to in stock trades much as I would like to support my local comic store its just not practical. When I first got back into I got Last Son HC, Brainiac HC, Superman and the Legion HC, Third Kryptonian TP, Shadow Linger TP, and Greatest Vol 1 tp, and Up Up and away all from one guy for $40 shipped. Check ebay its a buyers market.
    p.s. Mike I’m sorry to say the greates vol 1 was a double, I almost threw it in that box I sent you but I figured you’d have it.

  4. great deals need to hit up ebay when the funds come up again.

    Hey Luke I think you might have passed though my local comic book shop as I live in Augusta.

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