New 52 JL Beach TowelThis post could also be titled “Reason 1,458 That My Wife is Awesome”.  Recently Rachel, my wife and enabler, went to Target and bought me this beach towel because she thought I would like it.  I don’t normally use beach towels but every once in a while we’ll get one especially if it has Superman on it.  I really like this one too.  It would have been nice to see more of the League on the towel specifically Aquaman since he’s, you know, water based and all that but this is a pretty dynamic image nonetheless.

My biggest takeaway from this towel is that this is the first non-action figure merchandise I have seen that has the new Superman costume on it.  I don’t really count action figures as merchandising anymore because those are every bit as collectible as the comics and are mainly aimed at both the comic book reading audience and action figure collectors.  So to see something like this which is ostensibly aimed at children with the new Superman on it was surprising in that way that it shouldn’t have been.  In a few short months stores are going to be flooded with merchandise tied to MAN OF STEEL so that version of the costume is going to be seemingly everywhere so by that point it will be commonplace but to see the comic book version out is still kind of novel.

More than anything it was awesome that my wife thought of me while she was shopping.  She really is the best enabler/wife a comic book fan could ask for.

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