As usual…the bullet points:

  • Once again we get a pretty crass opening.  This isn’t surprising but man is it getting annoying.  Yes it is odd to be annoyed by something that happened nearly twenty years ago but I have been reading a lot of these articles for the first time so my reactions are fresh even if the material is not.  It makes me sad that we really haven’t gotten past this sort of patronizing subtext to any national story about the Man of Steel.
  • Hey, a reference to the old Batman series.  That was surprising to see in a story about comic books from this time period and when I write, “surprising” I mean surprising in that not at all sort of way.
  • Once again we get the Mike Carlin, “We don’t know what death means to a Kryptonian,” quote.  It is getting to be comforting at this point.
  • This article was from the Springfield News-Leader, a paper out of Spingfield, Missouri.  J. David Weter (host of PADSMASH: An Incredible Hulk Podcast and co-host of Superman in the Bronze Age with Charlie Niemeyer as well as Green Lantern’s Light with Michael Bradley and some guy named Jeffrey Taylor.) sent this to me.  David is a great guy, a huge Superman fan and a good friend.  Thanks, David!

Next week: More Doomsday related “fun”.

I am starting to feel uncomfortable calling it fun because Superman died and all but the responses I have been getting to these posts have been amazing (so keep them coming) and it has been a real treat to take this trip down memory lane.  So it is fun in a weird way.

More to follow…


  1. If it’s any consolation, the press still does that. I never read Harry Potter, but every time I saw an article in the paper related to one of the book releases, it seemed that the writer was going out of his/her way to make as many specific references and use the book’s “language” as possible. You know, because that’s “fun” journalism!

    I remember seeing Carlin’s quote about the engagement and about having been engaged but it not working out in at least one or two articles at the time. They really mined that Advanced Comics article.

    Loved the latest episode, btw. And I remember Erika Eleniak in Under Siege very well, btw. Or should I say, a certain scene involving a cake …

  2. I hate people so goddamn much. These articles are just solidifying this for me. Thanks 20 year old news articles!

  3. These only show how completely worthless the press is, but at least it garnered Superman and DC some attention, and thus, sales, back then.

  4. I remember that day well, being in Egypt you didn’t think comic book based news could make it to the major national paper over here. But it did, I was around 14 years old and I was reading my Arabic translated Superman comics (which consisted of mostly Pre-Crisis stories), my dad came in that told me that Al Ahram newspaper printed news of the Death of Superman.

    Don’t know how big the article was or if it was on the front page or inside, all I remember that I was shocked and didn’t want to believe it. But it was true, I told myself it must be one of those Imaginary stories DC were well known for but nope it was true. I remember being in a state of denial (I was still a kid) but I eventually accepted it and was thrilled when he came back to life. The Death and Return of Superman arc is one of my favorites, because in an era where heroes like him were considered “lame” by cynical comic fans, this event shows that people not just in the comic industry, or American popculture but around the world still cared about the Big Blue Boyscout.

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