Today I have another newspaper article concerning the release of Superman #75.  This one was sent to me by Christopher J. Warden and is from The Oakland Press, a newspaper out of Pontiac, Michigan I believe that serves Oakland County.

This is a very straight forward piece and I like that.  As I have mentioned in the past these articles amount to little more than puff pieces in the eyes of the media but Bob Gritizinger manages to play it straight and not be dismissive with the subject matter.  Once again we see the rumor that Superman will be a darker character when he comes back but at this point I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t seen it.  I also like the fact that the paper chose to print an actual page from the comic book.

Next time: Finally…the contents of Superman #75.

More to follow…


  1. I really liked this piece because of the art used really made it look like Superman had a real tough time with the fight. My Dad had gotten me this paper and the others, from which I have provided Michael the acticles from. It was also around this time, that for some reason, he decided that he was going to buy me comics. So, I have like 8 issues of each of the new “Supermen” apperances to come, because I already had a pull box at a store.

  2. I’ll always consider this the very best Superman story of all time – I actually cried when i read it in the 7th grade. I couldn’t believe that the mightiest hero of any universe had finally fallen! I even liked Doomsday; I didn’t like the backstory they came up with later though – I liked the mystique of Doomsday and how he took down the Man of Steel so brutally. I even wrote a story/recap of the fight here.

  3. goodness u guys are hardcore superman fans. its pretty cool u guys know so much!! keep up the good work!!

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