A few weeks back I was doing my normal round of blog reading and caught this post  about DC related Hostess treats over at Speed Force.  I was amused and not just because the Green Lantern cupcakes were called, “Glo-Balls.”  Really, Hostess?  That’s the best you could come up with?  Aside from suddenly acting like a fourteen year old I thought it was kind of cool that DC’s 75th Anniversary celebration was so far reaching that they even reached the snack cake world.  I was at Wal-Mart the other night buying some groceries and saw the Flash and Green Lantern related cakes as well as Batman’s cup cake box.  I was literally starting to say, “Where are the Superman related snack treats?” when I saw these.

There it is; my favorite super-hero ever on the box of my favorite snack cakes EVER!

Sometimes it all comes together.

I shouldn’t be this excited over a box of Twinkies but I thought this was really cool.  Not cool enough to buy multiple boxes because I really don’t need to eat that many Twinkies and there is something really gross about keeping a box of snack treats for decades but word on the street the Twinkies would still be good years down the road so there you go.  Still, one box is enough, at least for me.  I’ll probably hang on to the packaging after I am done with the Twinkies in about a week or so.

Superman Twinkies!  What a way to kick off my stay-cation!

Tomorrow: YouTube Tuesday!

More to follow…


  1. Twinkies is my favorite Hostess candy too (used to buy it alot before and after school back in Egypt) and now the box has the image of my favorite superhero. SWEET!

  2. Yeah, y’know, good for Superman and all — but I really can’t see him endorsing any Hostess product, all those goofy ads from the old comics notwithstanding. Why don’t the comic heroes get put on healthy snacks sometimes? Not really upset… just wondering.

  3. Ah twinkies, you and double cheeseburgers are my personal Kryptonite. Thank god I have not seen these in the store. On another note, the Halloween background looks great, even though I didn’t read blackest night I dig the zombie look for october.

  4. The background and banner will change every week and have another Halloween theme. Glad you like it.

    And glad to know that I am not the only one that considers double cheeseburgers to be my Kryptonite.

  5. I swear they put an addictive chemical in them, with the small diced onions and that orange cheese, they are hard to resist.

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