The bad news: I cannot find my set of Bloodlines trading cards.  They are somewhere in my house but I just can’t locate them at the moment.

Some would argue that this is bad news.

The good news: I scanned the cards with the four Supermen on them over four years ago.  The reason I wanted to find the full set that I own is I wanted to scan the cards for the characters that appeared with the four Supermen.  So for now you’ll have to settle for the Supermen cards, though I am holding back on a few until Jeff and I complete our coverage of Reign of the Supermen.

So here is the ad you would find in Previews or the comics for the card series and then the cards themselves.  As always, enjoy.

And, just because it was in the box of cards that I bought back in 2002, here is the Cyborg Chase Card.

I apologize that the images are so small.  I was in a different head space back in 2008 when I scanned these.  If…n…when I find the set again I will re-scan them at a higher resolution and give y’all a better look at the cards in addition to scanning the backs and getting the Loose Cannon, Myriad, etc. cards scanned as well.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter and look forward to serving you in the future.

More to follow…

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