You know…there are so many snarky things I could write about Bloodlines but for some reason I just don’t have it in me.  It is just too easy.  While it is true that not everything that came from this…event?  Crossover?  It kind of defies description, doesn’t it?  Anyway, not everything that came from Bloodlines was awful but most of it was just freaking terrible and now it is more of a punch line than a storyline.

The same could be said for the trading card set, which as you can see (and pardon the pun) traded on Reign of the Supermen as an advertising gimmick when it came out.  Sometime back I posted some scans I had of the Superman related cards but there were two problems with what I put up.  First, the scans I had were below my current threshold for stuff I post.  Second, I couldn’t find my set of Bloodlines cards to scan or re-scan the ones related to the Superman annuals of that summer.  Well, thanks to eBay and some patience I managed to score another set rather cheaply so for the next week I will be posting new versions of the previous posted cards as well as scans of the characters that came out of the annuals the various supposed Supermen appeared in.  The catch is I will be doing so free of any kind of commentary on those characters because Jeff and I beat that sort of thing to death over on From Crisis to Crisis.  In case you missed those episodes I will be including links so you can listen to them if you want to.

So…yeah.  Bloodlines Week: Day One.  Enjoy.

I know I said this was going to be free from commentary but I do want to mention that unlike the other new heroes I will be posting over the next few days Edge only had two cards rather than three.  I have no idea why, but he breaks the mold when it comes to the format.

Jeff and I discussed this character and his first appearance in Episode 137 of From Crisis to Crisis.

Next time: Myriad.

More follow…

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