(Collected Editions is a listing of the various trade paperbacks, hardcovers, omnibuses, etc. that are in my Superman collection.  The goal is to not only inventory my collection of trades, hardcovers, etc. but also to display said collection and produce something resembling a resource for other Superman readers, collectors and fans.)

Superman vs. The Flash A Superman vs. The Flash BNuts and Bolts

  • Released on April 13, 2005
  • Original Price $19.99
  • 208 pages
  • Cover by Alex Ross


  • Superman’s Race With The Flash! from Superman (Vol. 1) #199
  • The Race at the End of the Universe! from Flash (Vol. 2) #175
  • Race to Save the Universe! from World’s Finest #198
  • Race to Save Time from World’s Finest #199
  • Chase to the End of Time from DC Comics Presents # 1
  • Race to the End of Time! from DC Comics Presents #2
  • Speed Kills! from Adventures of Superman #463
  • Speeding Bullets from DC First: Flash/Superman #1


  • You know, I feel a little uncomfortable writing this because I don’t want to start things off on a negative note but I am not a fan of Alex Ross’ take on Superman.  For one thing I think he draws him looking middle aged (which doesn’t work for me) and for another I never liked how he drew the symbol.  I appreciated the size but not the proportions.
  • Having said that this is a solid cover and it makes sense that you would go with Alex Ross because he sells books.
  • Thanks in large part to the 1990 live action television series I have been a huge fan of the Flash.
  • While I consider Wally to be “my Flash” I have a large amount of respect and fan love for Barry Allen and especially Jay Garrick.  So this was a welcome addition to my trades and hardcovers collection.
  • The races between the Flashes and Superman feel like they were always a big deal.  I can’t say that for certain because I was either not around or even alive for most of them, but the feeling I get from the first few stories in this book is that any time Superman and Flash raced it was epic.
  • Maybe it was the titles to the stories.  Superman and Flash seemed to always racing to the end of time or to save time or to the end of the universe or to save the universe.
  • They may seem overblown and hyperbolic today but I can’t help but love them and they bring a big ‘ol smile to my face.
  • It was nice to see two of the Post Crisis races get included in this collection.
  • Adventures of Superman #463 was my very first Flash race and it came out right around the time I was getting into the character.
  • The DC First: Flash/Superman story was welcome as well.  There were very few stories where Jay Garrick and Superman teamed up one on one, so it was great to see that the powers that be that decided what would be included in this trade wanted to have all of the Flashes represented instead of just Barry Allen.
  • At one point in the trade they reprint the cover to Limited Collectors’ Edition C-48, which reprinted Superman (Vol. 1) #199 and Flash (Vol. 2) #175 but the unreleased plans of the Fortress of Solitude and a how to draw the Flash feature.  It has a beautiful Jose Luis-Garcia Lopez (Praise Be His Name) and Bob Oksner cover.
  • Speaking of reprinting covers, all of the original covers are in this trade.  The new coloring makes some of them look really nice.

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