Presented today is an interview with John Byrne from Comics Scene #1 (1987).  I did not read this interview when it was first published as I wouldn’t discover Comics Scene until the second issue, so when I finally got around to buying some back issues of the magazine a few years ago this was a real treat to find.  The eleven year old me that was still in the very early months of collecting comics would have loved this article.

Like a lot.

Comics Scene 01 Byrne A Comics Scene 01 Byrne B Comics Scene 01 C Comics Scene 01 D Comics Scene 01 ESpeaking as someone that is trying to learn all he can about the Post Crisis era of Superman this interview was a great find.  It provides a real insight into where Byrne was on the Superman titles at the time and where he was about to go.  It also deals with the backlash his revamp was still receiving at the time that oddly enough (and sadly) has not really ended.  All in all a fine interview and a nice artifact from that time and place.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I’d never read this one before. These quotes come in handy. I have Amazing Heroes #96 (1986) with an article by Peter Sanderson including tons of quotes with John Byrne, Marv Wolfman and editor Andy Helfer all about the Superman revamp returning Superman back closer to the Jerry Siegel, Fleischer and George Reeves Golden Age roots, while at the same time updating Krypton, etc. for a modern contemporary audience.

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