Today I am a very happy Post-Crisis Superman fan.


Because DC is releasing a trade paperback which reprints one of my favorite Post Crisis Superman stories Dark Knight Over Metropolis.

SM-Dark-Knight-over-Metro-FPO_Cv_c3g5opxtqb_I will cover this trade in depth when I finally get my hands on it but I wanted to write about it today because I am just so excited.  Over on From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast Jeffrey Taylor and I launched our own campaign to get DC to reprint this story after talking to both Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway and hearing how much they liked the story and how much they wanted to see it reprinted.  While I would never say that our e-mail campaign had anything to do with this coming out (at least in any kind of serious way) I still have a big, ol’ grin on my face.

The trade reprints Adventures of Superman #466, Action Comics #653, Superman #44, Adventures of Superman #467, Action Comics #654 and Action Comics Annual #1.  Looking at the page count I have a feeling that they won’t be reprinting all of Adventures #466 and Action #653 but there are elements of those issues that lead directly into Dark Knight Over Metropolis.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

On the off chance you have never heard Jeffrey and I cover these issues over on FCTC you can check out our coverage of Action Comics Annual #1 by downloading episode 13 of the series.  We covered the rest of the issues in episodes 56 and 57, which you can download by clicking on the links.  If you haven’t ordered the book yet head on over to the Superman Homepage Amazon store and get it there.  Not only will you be getting a fantastic trade but you will also be supporting the Superman Homepage.

Again, I rarely ask this but please buy this book.  It will send the message to DC that we want more of the Post Crisis Superman to be reprinted in collected edition form.


  1. I pre-ordered mine and I can’t wait to get it! I have most of the the issues somewhere, but I haven’t read them since I was a kid. I’m excited to re-read this great story again, in a nice collected edition this time around.

  2. This is just great. Love this story. Even though I own the issues I’m buying the TPB to support Jurgens/Ordway and co. Only thing, when will it be released? I’m wary of pre-ordering it without a release date since I don’t want to be surprised with the bill (as small as it is) when I least expect it.

  3. I preordered my tpb as well & looking forward to reading it. I’m enjoy (re)reading the post crisis Superman tpbs in addition to the Byrne era Man of Steel tpbs. Thanks to you Jeffery & Michael for doing the Superman Crisis podcast. Peace.

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