I guess if you do something on the same day for three weeks then it can’t be called random anymore. So yeah, I guess this posting of the Superman related entries from the DC Cosmic Cards set is going to be a Friday thing.

As I mentioned in the Lex Luthor post the DC Cosmic Cards set, like most trading cards sets of the time, was split into several sub-sets.  Towards the end of the cards you had Great Battles, which to me is another example of Impel and DC using this set to showcase DC’s rich history.  It could very well have been called “Events” as well, but they went with Great Battles.  The various Marvel sets had similar sub-sets within the larger set but this was the only time that DC would have one in a trading card collection.  Today’s Great Battles tells you all about…Invasion!

(Personal Note: I love Invasion.  It is high on my Top 5 DC Crossover List.  Like really high.  One day I will have to do a series of posts about that list and how they relate to Superman.)

I like the fact that Bart Sears did the artwork for these cards.  He drew the last half of the Invasion series and when I write “last half” I mean that literally.  Todd McFarlane drew the first issue of the three issue series and the first half of the second issue.  Bart Sears came in on the second half of the second issue and drew all of the third.  While it would have been cool to see McFarlane draw a card or two given his status at Marvel at the time that was not bloody likely.  The last card in particular is a fantastic shot of the group that went to take the fight to the Dominators after they detonated the Gene Bomb and damn near killed every hero, villain and potential hero or villain on planet Earth.

Did I mention I loved Invasion?  Because I do.  A lot.

More to follow…

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